Monday, March 21, 2016

How to Impress your Commercial Cleaning Clients and Earn Referrals

By design, your commercial cleaning business is meant to enhance your client’s reputation. A great cleaning company is all but invisible to the companies that they serve. That means that your most effective advertising comes from customer referrals. Given the nature of the commercial cleaning business, how should you conduct business in such a way that keeps current customers happy and earns you new ones? Floors Floors represent the largest visible area of any business. How you service a company’s floors heavily influences your client’s perception of your cleaning service’s competence. This means using a quality commercial vacuum cleaner for carpeted areas and the right floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY for bare floors. The cleaning products you choose must never leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt. Likewise, a cleaner that leaves a powdery residue gives the impression that the floors are not properly cleaned.

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