Sunday, December 29, 2013

3 Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY that People Can Readily Use

Simple solutions can often solve seemingly complex problems. This is true even in the matter of cleaning—which is why residents of Buffalo, NY should try some simple cleaning solutions before using sophisticated ones. According to Joseph Lewitin, water is one of the best cleaning solutions: It may seem like an oversimplification, but there are many situations where pure, clean water is the best solution for cleaning needs. This is especially true for ceramic, hard tile, and many natural stone floors. Cleaning products can leave streaks in the surface of these tiles, while some natural stone will actually have a negative chemical reaction to cleansers, causing them to permanently stain. Sometimes, however, water is not enough. Here are three other basic floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY that people can readily use. Brooms Brooms commonly come in three types: corn, push, and synthetic. Corn brooms are all-purpose sweepers, as they have strong handles and stitched bri

Thursday, December 26, 2013

FDA Proposal Could Affect Sellers of Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY

If a proposal by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the ingredients of antibacterial hand soaps is approved, the new regulations could affect guidelines on how other cleaning products are made. It could also affect how providers of cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY and elsewhere in the country select the items they distribute. According to a report by the Washington Post, the FDA has issued a proposed rule that requires manufacturers to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of their antibacterial products. Manufacturers must prove that their products are better than regular soap and water in preventing illnesses and the spread of disease. Otherwise, they have to reformulate or re-label them to stay on the market.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Non-toxic Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY a New Priority for Buyers and Sellers

"In the past few years, the market has shifted to favor environmentally-friendly cleaning products. If you're looking for non-toxic cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY, several stores, such as HJS Supply Company, focus on the sale of Earth-friendly goods. You should look for companies who provide not only what you need, but also quality service and instruction that can educate you for when you choose the right products. In the fight to preserve the Earth for future generations, it is very important to consider even the smallest details of your daily life. Thus, when purchasing commercial cleaning products in Buffalo, NY, try to think about what you're using and the impact it would have on your environment, yourself, and your family. There are, after all, so many existing green alternatives that clean just as effectively, such that using the same old t chemicals to do the same job."

Monday, December 2, 2013

Stop Slip-and-Falls, Use Good Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY

Most American schools, if not all, don't have this kind of solution. They rely on quality floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY and other areas, to maintain the floor's appearance. A case of floor cleaners from shops like HJS Supply Co. can keep floors clean and safe, without students having to change their shoes. For professional cleaning trainer Mike Englund, sometimes it's the cleaning that causes slips and falls. Coupled with the right equipment, he said, proper cleaning can prevent floors from turning slippery. However, even with the best janitorial supplies in Buffalo, NY, the job won't be done correctly if the equipment being used isn't maintained properly. Cleaning with a soiled floor machine will defeat the purpose of cleaning.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quality Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY Now a Priority for Consumers and Businesses

"How can you guard against such risks, especially in seasons when bacteria multiplies at rates that your ordinary household cleaner can't keep up with? In the northeast, where the cold weather can aid the spread of viruses like the common cold, the best thing to do is to engage the services of professional cleaning companies. Look for those who sell quality floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY like HJS Supply Company, who also specialize in dealing with only the most reliable janitorial equipment. It is not enough to just get cleaning solutions if you really want to eliminate all threats in your home. When looking for the best janitorial supplies in Buffalo, NY, make sure to check the company and its background on whether they have a good reputation in the industry and if they can really provide the best equipment. You wouldn't want to hire the services of people who might not give you the safety you deserve."

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Tip for Restaurant Owners: Get Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY

"Some websites like Yelp allow restaurant customers to review different establishments, giving future diners their opinions about various restaurants. This gives customers immense power, as the tenor of such reviews could make or break a restaurant. Contributing more than 39 million reviews to the site, the online community of Yelpers tend to read online reviews before patronizing new businesses. With the growing popularity of review sites, it's important that restaurants keep their premises clean and presentable to maintain a good reputation. According to an article that appeared on CleanLink, the dirtiest areas in restaurants (as reported by patrons) are the floors, restrooms, tables, and kitchens. To prevent bad reviews and resulting losses, restaurant owners and managers can order effective cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY from companies like HJS Supply Company."

Monday, November 4, 2013

Restaurant Owners Need Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY for Better Customer

"In order to clean commercial building floors more effectively, business owners and building managers should invest in appropriate floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY. Different types of flooring—such as wood, tile, and carpet—will require specialized equipment to stay clean. Janitorial product distributors, like HJS Supply Company, offer a wide array of carpet cleaning machines, low and high speed floor machines, and auto scrubbers for such surfaces. Tile floors need to be cleaned regularly with brooms, dust mops, and mops to avoid dirt build up and to maintain the floors' shine. In order to remove unwanted stains on the tile floors, scrub pads and effective cleaning chemicals should be used. Moreover, bleach should never be used on commercial tiles, as applying it could lead to discoloration."

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY Play Crucial Role in Sanitation

"While ECMC acknowledged Urf's complaint, unsanitary conditions are never a simple matter. Whether it's a hospital, restaurant, office or home, it's crucial that the place is kept clean and orderly at all times, by using the appropriate cleaning materials and equipment to make it habitable and to prevent the spread of diseases. You could even opt to use green cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY to keep your establishment clean as well as to minimize your carbon footprint and contribute to the care of the environment. Urf said that his father was flown to the the hospital because of concussions when he fell down the stairs of their home and hit his head on the steps. At the time that he was in the trauma room where he stayed for 10 hours, Urf noticed that the room has not been cleaned since it's last patient." Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY Play Crucial Role in Sanitation

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Restaurant Owners Need Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY for Better Customer

"In Buffalo, New York, the Government of Eerie County checks food establishments regularly for food preparation, cleanliness of space, and proper operations. However, there are still a few that need to work on keeping their places clean; and not just the dining area, but every nook and cranny of it. To keep restaurants totally spotless, it's important that owners invest in good cleaning equipment and an efficient janitorial staff, and purchase effective floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY to assure customers that sanitation is among their priorities. According to a social media study conducted by specialized services provider Cintas Corporation, restaurant owners must give primary attention to the floors, restrooms, tables, kitchen, which are among the dirtiest spots, and remind their staff to follow company policies regarding cleanliness. "

Friday, November 1, 2013

Providing Various Types of Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY

"Among the many janitorial equipment in Buffalo, NY that are available are burnishers, dryers, extractors, floor machines, pressure washers, scrubbers, vacuum and many others. Clients have also access to absorbents, bleach, disinfectants or sanitizers, floor cleaners and other cleaning chemicals. Cleaning supplies are also provided such as brooms and dust pans, brushes, mops, sponges, sweepers, funnels, and similar other products. In fact, you name them and these cleaning supply companies can provide them, including environmentally-friendly options. You can even rent any of the equipment you need if buying is not your option. This makes the janitorial equipment and supplies industry a lucrative field indeed."

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Watch Out for Formaldehyde in Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY

"In light of this, experts urge the public to take a closer look at the cleaning supplies they buy. Go for quality cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY that don't contain formaldehyde or terpenes. To maintain a safer indoor air quality, make sure the vicinity receives enough ventilation to draw the noxious gases out. Experts also suggest reducing humidity as the potency of formaldehyde doubles for every increase of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Checking the label is probably not enough. Ask suppliers of Buffalo commercial cleaning supplies like HJS Supply Co. for a breakdown of their cleaning products' ingredients. "