Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gym Surface in the Clear with Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY

"An effective cleaning strategy for the gym floor considers the kinds of activities that have been held in the facility. Bryant hints that many gyms with basketball courts as the centerpiece are now used as venues for non-sporting activities, like public assemblies. The level of nonsporting activity and the footwear used may tend to increase surface wear than when the floor is used for actual basketball games. In cleaning the gym floor, Bryant recommends that a wet mop should be immersed in a cleaning solution that is specifically formulated for sports flooring. They are capable of eliminating dirt without residue and add to the curing of the floor to help increase traction in a player’s shoe. A seller of janitorial equipment in Buffalo, NY like HJS can aid the effort by renting cleaning machines, such as mobile scrubbers, for greater coverage."

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY Help Sanitize and Disinfect Hospitals

"While there are specialized disinfectants used in isolation and intensive care units, many hospitals would benefit from using quality cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY to aid in the sanitation and disinfection of rooms and other hospital facilities where other patients are confined. Using these products can significantly reduce the risks of hospital-acquired infections and would not worsen medical conditions for patients in the facility. Companies that provide Buffalo commercial cleaning supplies, such as HJS Supply Company, have years of experience in providing cleaning products to hospitals to ensure facilities and equipment are cleaned and disinfected well. The products they offer are carefully sourced from qualified manufacturers who took into consideration their applications in a hospital setting."