Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hardwood Floor Maintenance: Using the Right Floor Cleaning Products

When it comes to flooring, nothing matches the beauty and elegance of hardwood floors. If you run a cleaning company, many business owners will ask you to help them keep their hardwood floors looking fantastic. This is a simple enough task, provided that you are using the right cleaning products, janitorial equipment, and cleaning methods. If you are interested in offering hardwood floor cleaning services in Buffalo, NY, here are a few tips to help you do a fantastic job: Identify the type of flooring For the most part, there are only really two different types of hardwood floors: sealed and unsealed. Your cleaning method will depend on the type of hardwood floor present in your client’s office.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ensure the Safety of Staff When Using Commercial Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to tidying up commercial spaces in Buffalo, make sure you are using the right commercial cleaning supplies. Otherwise, your cleaning staff will have a difficult time doing their jobs quickly and thoroughly, which will in turn reflect poorly on your cleaning company. While effective commercial cleaning products are crucial to providing customers with high-quality cleaning services, these products can pose several risks to your cleaning staff’s health. Keep your workforce safe at all times by following these three simple tips

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Which Janitorial Supplies in Buffalo, NY Suit Childcare Facilities?

When you’re responsible for maintaining a childcare facility’s cleanliness, it is important to remember that kids can be more sensitive to cleaning agents since their immune defenses have yet to fully develop. Therefore, you need products that are safe for young people. Keep these considerations in mind when selecting janitorial supplies in Buffalo, NY: Floor and Surface Cleaners Look for all-purpose solutions for preliminary cleaning and detergents that are specified for the type of surface you’ll be cleaning (e.g. vinyl floors, finished wood, tiles, plastic chairs, etc…). Make sure the cleaning agents are certified free from toxic or allergenic ingredients by a third-party quality assurance group. Stock up on microfiber mops or cloths to apply, spread and wipe off those cleaning solutions.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Tips on Choosing Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY for Your Restaurant

As a food service business, you need to have sufficient amounts of effective cleaning agents at all times. The cleanliness of your restaurant or bar is essentially a part of your branding and marketing strategy; fail in this aspect, and you will drive customers away or discourage them from ever coming back to your place. It is also your responsibility to comply with sanitary standards so you can continue to operate without the fear of being shut down due to public health and safety violations. If you plan on restocking your janitorial shelves soon, or if you’re considering replacing the products you use with even better ones, check out these tips on choosing cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY for your establishment.