Monday, December 15, 2014

Green Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY: For Health and the Environment

The recent Ebola virus scare in New York has caused government officials to encourage citizens to do take prevention measures thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Given the near-panic state created by the Ebola scare, a lesson learned from the SARS scare of a few years ago might need to be echoed this time around: the need to avoid overusing non-environmentally friendly products found in bleaches, disinfectants and other cleaning products, particularly in schools. Many authorities and experts now recommend the use of green cleaning supplies in Buffalo NY and throughout the state. Perhaps New Yorkers can take a cue from Arizona, where state senator Ed Ableser proposes to require schools to use green or eco-friendly cleaning supplies for the health and safety of public school children. Diangelea Millar writes about the senator’s initiative in Cronkite News, which has opened many eyes to the benefits of going green in the schoolyard.

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