Friday, May 9, 2014

When Quality Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY Protect Your Food

"The importance of maintaining a clean preparation area will resonate with Buffalo’s food service community. The city is already a popular destination for food lovers, and New York’s Departments of Health, and Agriculture and Market both hold unannounced inspections. To prevent being slapped with penalties and losing customer confidence in the process, your team should keep things shipshape with help from a company that sells professional floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY such as HJS Supply Co. The entire restaurant should undergo a full sanitation audit to help management get a clearer view of areas for improvement. This includes scouring the entire kitchen for technical issues such as proper drainage for waste, potential contamination among food contact surfaces, and the restrooms. Anderson notes that customer feedback often raises issues with smelly restrooms, condiment stands, and sticky floors in the main restaurant area."

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